Research presentation Take Us to the Water

A collage of photos, some of which are black and white and some in colour, featuring water landscapes or children in different activities. © Stelios Kallinikou

Mon–Fri 4:00–7:00 pm
Sat 10:00 am–2:00 pm
28.04.&01.05. closed

Goethe-Institut Nicosia

A platform for research and events around the theme of “Mediterranean Liquidity”

Take Us to the Water is the Cypriot part of Atlas of Mediterranean Liquidity.

Artworks by Stelios Kallinikou, Korallia Stergides
Curated by Evagoras Vanezis
Design and Development by Demetris Shammas

The project is part of the over-regional project Atlas of Mediterranean Liquidity (North Africa and Middle East) that is led by the Goethe-Institut Tel Aviv. Among the participating countries are Greece, Croatia, Italy, Egypt, Turkey.

The concept behind this atlas is to bring as many voices, perspectives, narratives, and agencies of people who live around the Mediterranean. Following the water streams the atlas reveals conflicts and collaborations in the region; the geography of water - crossing national borders, communities and cultures, brings to the surface all the challenges but also, the potentialities of our region.

In Take Us to the Water the present’s status of Cyprus as a contested arena of politics and memory takes on the textures of new possibilities. Landscapes, infrastructures, embodied experiences and non-human agents interlink in open-ended narratives about water and its transits, seen as both material and metaphor for exploring forms of belonging and exclusion. The suggestiveness of liquidity becomes a device for producing mappings of nuanced networks and flows, exploring the complex interconnections between Cyprus and the wider Mediterranean context.

Digital map Cyprus

Research Presentation

What are the concepts that shape our understanding of the Mediterranean? How do we share personal and embodied experiences that contribute to our understanding of history and the present? Who belongs in the Mediterranean and who does not? Goethe-Institut Cyprus invites audiences to roam around a room filled with research about the themes and ideas that influenced the creation of Take Us to the Water online map, making the conversations that took place around its creation visible whilst creating space for conversations about contact, circulation and exchange.