Film Screening Talking About the Weather

Three generations of women are sitting together outside, all looking in the same direction. © DFFB_New Matter Films_pennybooth production

Sat, 03.02.2024

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Pantheon Cinema

Berlinale Selection 2024

Feature film // 2022 // 90 minutes

Clara, who is 39, is doing her PhD in philosophy. She lives in a flat share in Kreuzberg, Berlin, and her teenage daughter lives with her ex. Choices Clara has made both in her personal and professional life seem to be little understood by her family living in rural Germany. A film about female bonds, the need for meaningful communication, life questions, distance and closeness and the challenges in finding true self-determination and independence.

From the section Panorama 2022

Written and Directed by: Annika Pinske
Co-Written by: Johannes Flachmeyer
Cinematography: Ben Bernhard
Editing: Laura Lauzemis
Sound Design: Rainer Gerlach
Sound: Matthias Rupp
Cast: Anne Schäfer (Clara), Anne-Kathrin Gummich (Inge), Judith Hofmann (Margot), Marcel Kohler (Max), Max Riemelt (Marcel), Emma Frieda Brüggler (Emma), Thomas Bading (Prof. von Brandis)
Christine Schorn (Grandmother Charlotte), Sandra Hüller (Hanna), Alireza Bayram (Faraz)