Berlinale Selection 2019 The Mover (Atlas)

Scene from the movie „The Mover“ Photo: 235 Film,Tobias von dem Borne

Fri, 15.11.2019

Technopolis 20

18 Nikolaou I. Nikolaidi Avenue
8010 Paphos

Within the framework of the "Weeks of the German language"

Drama // 100 minutes // 2018 // Directed by: David Nawrath

Walter is a mover for forced evictions. One day, the door to the old apartment that needs to be emptied is opened, and Jan, Walter's son, stands before him. His father, the mover, had abandoned him when he was a child.

Nawrath's powerful feature film debut tells the dramatic story of a man who does his utmost to protect the son he has just rediscovered from a criminal real estate clan. As The Mover develops dramatically, it becomes very emotionally powerful.

The theatre star Rainer Bock, who among others played in The white ribbon by Michael Haneke and Inglourious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino and who appeared in the British TV series SS-GB, plays the leading role in Nawrath's dense film debut Atlas (The Mover). DIE WELT AM SONNTAG writes: "Bock is someone who can make the invisible visible. Bock is someone who - through a sharp glance, a turning of the head, menacing furrows – transforms in minutes a minimum of text into living people, playing out the physical states of their psyches".

David Nawrath was born in Berlin in 1980 and grew up in Germany and Iran. His debut film was the documentary Moharram (Moharram - Jugend der ewigen Morgenröte), which deals with modern youths in restrictive Tehran. The year the film was published, he started his studies in direction at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. He was invited with his debut film at Kassel DOK Festival and was nominated for the German as well as European Short Film Award with his film What's left (Was bleibt). Furthermore, he was selected as one of six film-makers for the Résidence du Festival de Cannes. He also works for the television station Arte and has filmed with star chef Sarah Wiener.