Berlinale Selection 2019 I Was at Home, But…

Scene from the movie "I Was at Home, But…" Photo: Nachmittagfilm

Thu, 21.11.2019

ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation

Agion Omologiton 64

Scene from the movie "I Was at Home, But…"

Within the framework of the "Weeks of the German language"

Drama // 105 minutes // 2019 // Directed by: Angela Schanelec

The 13-year-old Phillip has disappeared without a trace. It is only after a week that the boy reappears, but he does not explain where he was. No one, not even his single mother Astrid, knows exactly what happened. Only the death of his father could possibly explain his disappearance.As the film progresses, Phillip's behaviour remains enigmatic. The people around him are increasingly confronted with existential questions that change their whole view of life.

UPCOMING writes about actress Maren Eggert's performance in I was at home, but…: "Maren Eggert in the role of Astrid explores the entire emotional spectrum of motherhood and existence, frustration, defensiveness, love". VARIETY writes about the director Angela Schandelec: "Elegant and elliptical… Those who are open to it, will be highly rewarded with what defines Schanelec’s signature virtues: vignettes of piercing human truth and cool, cockeyed humor; gorgeous first-chill-of-autumn atmospherics; and a seductively restful pace at which to puzzle it all out."

Angela Schanelec studied acting and appeared on stages in Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg. In the 90s she completed her studies in film direction and has since been working as a director. In 2012 she was appointed professor for narrative film at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. She participated in the motion film Deutschland 09 and presented her view of contemporary Germany. Her film Orly was shown at the Berlinale and received the Cinematic Art Award of the Festival of German Films Ludwigshafen/Rhein. With I was at home, but… (Ich war Zuhause, aber…) she participated for the first time in the competition section of the Berlinale and won the Silver Bear for Best Director.