Influential German choreographers on film

Influential German choreographers on film – Banner © Goethe-Institut

German dance film screening series

On three dance-themed evenings the Goethe-Institut Cyprus in collaboration with Egomio Cultural Center present four of the most significant and internationally influential German choreographers:

Mary Wigman (Karoline Sofie Marie Wiegmann) (1886-1973) made expressive dance known internationally as new german dance and is considered as one of the most influential pioneers of rhythmic expressive dance which was in its heyday not only in Germany between 1920 and 1935.

Kurt Jooss significantly influenced German dance theatre and was cofounder of the renowned Folkwangschool for Music, Dance and Speech and founder of the experimental Folkwang Dance Studios. Among his students were among others Susanne Linke and Pina Bausch, who managed the Folkwang Ballet after him.

Pina Bausch (Philippine Bausch) (1940-2009) became a cult figure in the international dance scene in the 1970s with her development of dance theatre. For the first time she associated dance with the genres of dance, pantomime, artistry, drama creating a new art genre and was considered among peers as the most significant choreographer of her time.

Sasha Waltz (Alexandra Waltz), dancer, choreographer and opera director, is one of the most well-known and fascinating choreographers in Europe. Her choreographies surprise viewers time and again with new aesthetics in fascinating rooms. Waltz is not only interested in a collaboration with dancers, but a dialogue with all artistic forms..