Dance performance Dance Waves

A dancer is on the stage. He is standing on his right foot and his left leg is raised. Both his arms are up in the air extended in front of him at shoulder height. His head is tilted backwards, looking towards the sky. The stage looks dark and a pink light is washing over him. Photo (detail): © Diego Pérez

Sat, 26.11.2022


Egomio Cultural Centre

Winning choreography from International Solo Tanz Theater Festival Stuttgart

The Egomio Cultural Centre in Cyprus is strengthening its links to Germany and has initiated a new collaboration with the International Solo Tanz Theater Festival Stuttgart. Within this framework, the winner of the first choreography prize at the 2021 festival has been invited to participate at the next edition of Dance Waves, organized by Egomio Cultural Centre in November 2022. The winner is Arnau Pérez and he will present his piece titled Single.

In music, a 'single' is a vinyl format used for commercial distribution, which contained the hit song(s) from an LP. That uniqueness has been emphasized and the term has been established as a personal showcase, highlighting individuality in the "mainstream". We have become accustomed to associating success or achievement with individuality, establishing ourselves in a development that arises from personal and self-seeking. Right now we are surrounded by people, but aren't we alone?

Concept and choreography: Arnau Pérez
Dancer: Arnau Pérez
Duration: 13’
Lighting: Alvaro Estrada
Sound Space: Toromecanico and Casasnovas

In collaboration with: Conde Duque Contemporary Culture Center, Carme Teatre, Choreographic Center of La Gomera, Masdanza together with SIT