Trawun De Forrowe
Chile / France

Directors: Matías Riquelme / Camille Fabbro
Producers: Fernanda Mancilla (Chile) - Co Producer Eric Dufour( France)

Trawun De Forrowe - Camila a caballo

Camila (32) strives every day to live in a country that has forced mapuche people to fit within western lifestyle standards that contradict the mapuche “küme mogen” (good living). Pregnant and accompanied by her children and partner, and in spite of the difficulties she must face as a woman, she makes her way to express her opinion and actively participate in the trawünes (meetings) of the territory of Forrowe (Boroa), where mapuches discuss and reflect on taking a stance on the constitutional process that Chile will live thanks to its historic social outbreak: an unexpected opportunity to change everything, where Camila's participation will be crucial for leading the actions of a community that fights to take back their ancestral way of life, in harmony with nature.