Berlinale-Blogger 2020

Berlinale-Blogger Graphic: Tobias Schrank © Goethe-Institut

They come from India and Poland, from Russia and Italy, from China and Australia: 17 film journalists from 14 countries and regions meet in Berlin and present their views on the Berlinale. As Berlinale bloggers they are looking for stories - on the screen and behind the scenes of the film festival, which celebrates its 70th birthday in 2020.

Berlinale Bloggers 2020
Exberlinale Live Vlog

Lithuanian blogger Ieva Šukytė interviews David Mouriquand from the magazine "Exberliner" about the films "Undine" by Christian Petzold and "Siberia" by Abel Ferrara.

Berlinale Bloggers 2020
Exberlinale Live Vlog

Blogger Ieva Šukytė from Lithuania about the changes at the Berlinale and how the role of film critics changes. A conversation with David Mouriquand from the magazine "Exberliner".


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The Berlinale Bloggers 2020

Jutta Brendemühl Photo (Detail): © Michelle Kay

Jutta Brendemühl

is programme curator of the Goethe-Institut Toronto and blogger at German Film @ Canada.

Philipp Bühler Photo: © Private

Philipp Bühler

has been reporting on the Berlinale as a freelance film critic since 2000.

CHEN Yun-hua

Yun-hua Chen

is a film scholar, curator, critic, and co-host of the film podcast Reel Chats.

Andrea D'Addio Photo: © Private

Andrea D’Addio

covers international film festivals for Italian and German media.

Camila Gonzatto Photo: © Private

Camila Gonzatto

is a screenwriter and director for film and television.

Egor Moskvitin Photo: © Private

Egor Moskvitin

is a film critic, programme director of the “Pilot” film festival and lecturer at the Moscow Film Academy.

Sarah Ward Photo: © Darren Ward

Sarah Ward

is a freelance film critic for “Screen International”, “ArtsHub” and others.

Michal Zielinski Photo: © private

Michal Zielinski

is scriptwriter, journalist, former editor at Gazeta Wyborcza, Polityka Insight, among others.

Neelam Tailor Photo: © private

United Kingdom
Neelam Tailor

is a journalist specialising in pop culture, politics and gender. She currently works for the Guardian in London and wrote columns for the online and print magazine gal-dem.

Javier Estrada Photo: © private

Javier Estrada

is a film critic and Head of Programming for the Seville European Film Festival and FILMADRID.

Ieva Šukytė Photo: © private

Ieva Šukytė

is a freelance film journalist and art historian, covering films for online and print magazines.

Hyunjin Park Photo: © private

Hyunjin Park

has worked in South Korea as an editor specializing in visual culture and is currently studying East Asian art history in Berlin.

Gabriele Magro Photo: © private

Gabriele Magro

is a novelist and develops content for cultural institutions. He lives in Turin.

Erik Estrada Photo: © private

Erick Estrada

works as a film critic. He was editor of the magazine 24xSegundo and founded the magazine Cinemanía and the project Cinegarage.

Willian Silveira Photo: Willian Silveira

Willian Silveira

Willian Silveira  is a journalist writing for the Brazilian blog Estado da Arte, and has been covering Berlinale as a film critic since 2014.

Anjana Singh Photo: © private

Anjana Singh

is a freelance journalist and editor of an Indian newspaper. Among other things, she works as a trainer for intercultural skills and organizes the IndoGerman Film Festival in Berlin.

Arjun Pavakkulath Photo: © private

Arjun Pavakkulath

Arjun Pavakkulath lives in Berlin and is a content creator for social media.