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The GIMAGINE project focuses on students, German learners and those who would like to learn German. Here you will find exchange opportunities to Germany, exciting competitions and free offers and materials for learning German.

Competitions and motivational programmes

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The GIMAGINE Award for young German learners

The Gimagine Award is a highly engaging, innovative self-learning platform for young learners (14 – 18 years of age), equipping them with beginner German skills and current global knowledge about a broad range of topics. Learners will collect points that lead to the “GIMAGINE Award Certificate” – an official certificate stating their achievements.

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Exchange to Germany

Think German


Think German is a platform which offers information and support to all those who are learning German, think about, or want to live, study, or work in Germany or a German-speaking country. 

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Learn German

Courses for young learners

Our courses are designed to make learning German fun and engaging for young students in the age of 12 to 17. Our experienced and enthusiastic teachers use modern teaching methods and materials to improve German skills effectively and in a fun way. Whether you are a beginner or preparing for GCSE or A-level, our courses are suitable for different levels and are tailored to specific needs.

German exams in the UK

Do you need to certify your knowledge of German? Find a test site in the UK. where you can take our globally recognized exams accredited by the German government. 

Grants & Scholarships

Learn more about our current grants and scholarships, both for teachers of the German language, be it for professional development or to increase your level of German, as well as for pupils, students, and learners of German. Get set, German! 

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Make your learning fun!

Alumniportal Germany

Have you studied or worked in Germany? Stay in touch and network with thousand of alumni students around the globe. 

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Why learn German?

10 good reasons

Whatever plans you may have for the future, knowledge of German will increase your options.

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