Cultures of Equality

Final Reste Supreme Museum Performance © Alun Be

We stand up for equality in the cultural realm by providing a forum for underrepresented groups in the arts community to make themselves heard. We support exceptional artists from all walks of life, whatever their origins or identity, so that art and culture will be viewed as realms that are open to all, to be used by anyone and everyone to explore and celebrate their own creativity.

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Language Is Emancipation

In "Word! The Language Column", Goethe Annual Lecture speaker 2020 Sharon Dodua Otoo devotes her contributions to grammar – as an ode to language and as an opportunity to speak up and change people's minds.

Working Towards Equality

Gender, disability, ethnicity, age and sexuality are always important factors in our work. We discuss these issues from the perspective of our international community – on our website and social media and in our programmes!