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Goethe Annual Lecture 2020 with Sharon Dodua Otoo

Goethe Annual Lecture 2020 - Online © Goethe-Institut

"Some Kind of Tomorrow": Honouring the Visions of Black Feminist Creative Authors

Sharon Dodua Otoo gave our Goethe Annual Lecture series an impressive inauguration by exploring the structures that have excluded Black feminist authors and talking about their meaning to her, her writing and for the (literary) world.

>> (Re-)Watch the Goethe Annual Lecture 2020 here - with BSL interpretation!

Goethe Medal 2020: Ian McEwan in Graphic Novels

Illustrationen von Hamed Eshrat, Lukas Jüliger und Reinhard Kleist
Illustrationen von Hamed Eshrat, Lukas Jüliger und Reinhard Kleist | © Goethe-Institut

Traditionally, the award ceremony of the Goethe Medal takes place on 28 August, the birthday of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Since this year's event with British author Ian McEwan was a digital one, we asked three German graphic novel artists to reinvent it and contribute through visual storytelling in short graphic novels!
The journey takes us from early Ian McEwan's inspirations to satisfactory hotels - and at one point, even Mephisto makes an appearance!
New graphic novels are published every month, on the 28 August, 28 September and 28 October!

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