Exam partnership

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  • Globally regognised certificates
  • Highest quality
  • Close cooperation
  • Better performances

Would you like to enhance your school's profile and offer your pupils an additional qualification? Become a partner school of the Goethe-Institut in our exam partnership programme. Offer the internationally recognised Goethe-Institut Deutsch Zertifikat at your school.

Why choose an exam of the Goethe-Institut?

Good knowledge of German is valuable – all over the world. But they become even more valuable with an official language certificate. The Goethe-Institut's German exams are internationally recognised, stand for quality and cover all skills and levels; from the beginners on A1 to the highest language level of C2. The Goethe-Institut is a member of the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) and has more than 70 years of experience in exam development, worldwide testing, implementataion and quality assurance as well as examiner training. 

Advantages of the exam partnership …

  • Goethe-Zertifikate ...

    • are recognised internationally
    • certify achievement in all skills (reading, listening, writing, speaking)
    • are an ideal means of preparing for final German examinations because they are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
    • are the perfect complement to a school-leaving certificate. Goethe-Zertifikate qualifications are in high demand, for example, on the British job market and at universities.
    • ermöglichen den Zugang zu einem Hochschulstudium in deutschsprachigen Ländern
    • boost students' chances of acceptance for internships and employment.
    • facilitate access to exchange programmes
    • set a clear goal and thus promote motivation to learn
    • are fully accessible, accommodating. All particular needs and disabilities can be accommodated.

  • Advantages for your school's German language programme

    • Preparation for a Goethe-Zertifikat offers teachers a wide range of new materials and motivational elements, and is easily integrated into the school's regular classes. The methodology underpinning the exams is competence-based and practice-oriented. The programme helps to make classes more communicative, additionally enhancing your school's public profile.
    • German classes and German exams complement each other. The examinations clearly define targeted learning objectives, giving clear direction to the structure of lessons.
    • Examiners benefit from their experience. You will gain insight into what your students find most difficult, which mistakes they should avoid and which learning strategies succeed in an exam-oriented situation.

  • Advantages for your school's profile

    • Your school's international reputation is enhanced by the inclusion in its programme of a qualification recognised worldwide.
    • As an exam partner of the Goethe-Institut, you become part of a network. This offers you opportunities to share professional expertise and to cooperate further also beyond the field of examinations as such.
    • As a partner school for exams, your school will receive a plaque identifying it as a Goethe-Institut exam partner. This plaque can be attached to a school building, and is also available for online use, allowing you to advertise your status by displaying the Goethe-Institut logo on your school's website.


How does exam partnership work?

  • Contractual collaboration

    Exam partnership means your school will conduct and grade examinations independently, but in collaboration with us. If you are interested, please contact us and we will arrange an examination cooperation with you. You name the person who will be responsible for the confidential handling of exam materials.

  • Examiner certification

    Goethe exams may only be conducted by qualified examiners. Therefore we will train and certify your German teachers. Each exam is always assessed by two examiners. 

  • Scheduling exam dates

    Exam dates will be scheduled early, in consultation with the Goethe-Institut (year-round where possible)

  • Preparing exam candidates

    Your German teachers will prepare students for the exams and register them for the appropriate examination dates.

  • Conducting the exams

    The Goethe-Institut will provide you with all relevant examination materials. You will conduct the examination with at least two certified examiners at your school. After the examiners have graded the papers, all materials are sent back to the Goethe-Institut.

  • Certificates

    The Goethe-Institut will then issue the Goethe-Zertifikate and/or certificates of attendence for your pupils and send them to your school.


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