Library as an exhibition site

The exhibitions and events of our library create a space for inspiration, for aesthetic and sensual exploration of new topics. We call this space “Riau Riung”, a pun that refers to the area of Jalan Riau, the colloquial name for Jalan L.L. RE. Martadinata, where Goethe-Institut Bandung is located.

The word “riung” in Sundanese means “assembly”. Here we offer you an overview of current and past exhibitions and invite you to delve more deeply into them. 
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A visitor listens to the acoustic exhibit | © Goethe-Institut Bandung

Past Exhibitions

Different Realities

Different Realities © Imang Susu

The exhibition “Different Realities” offered insights into the individual image realities of how nine artists represented themselves in short video works, collages and installations.  The audience was invited to reflect on their own identities and self-representation through the self-representation of others.  The exhibition extended the development of the Reels workshop of the same name (“Different Realities”) by the artists Sabrina Asche and Eka Noviana in September 2022 as a supporting program of the Bandung Photography Triennial.

The focus was on self-presentation on social media and was based on using one’s own smartphone camera. The workshop participants enjoyed a range of activities — from self-exploration of various facets of their identities as a queer person or Indonesian with Chinese roots, to a female perspective as a Minang, to an experience with Indian ancestors and a Catholic with a Muslim background. Further identity exploration continued via the senses, a near death experience, and the acquisition of knowledge.    

Tina Kosasih and Joi Rumengan 

© Tina Kosasih & Joi Rumengan
“Tina Kosasih and Joi Rumengan” was a multimedia performance and exhibition project initiated by Suina Latersia and Tegar Pratama and realized together with seven collaborating artists. The short story “Tina Kosasih and Joi Rumengan” was the basis for the further artistic exploration. In addition to the love story of the protagonists and the social implications, the project examined the relationship between public and private space.

In the library, artists presented their work and transformed the library into a living archive with memories of Tina Kosasih and Joi Rumengan. In this context, the sounds created by Dhimasvani Erwin, the illustrations of Ari Nugraha, and the animations of Agung Yandistira were gifts for the wedding couple. They were intended to bring them happiness and always remind them of their special day and their friends. Because the gifts were not in a private space but rather in the library of Goethe-Institut, good fortune extended to all visitors at the exhibition.  

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