Anokhi Shah

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Anokhi Shah is an Architect, Curator, Educator, and a New Media Entrepreneur currently based in Pune, India. She completed her Master of Arts with a specialization in Architecture and Aesthetic Practice from Städelschule Architecture Class in Frankfurt, Germany. Her interest lies in exploring space in relation to the arts to infuse interactive design with original and critical ideas and practices through contemporary digital mediums.

She is the founder of IOVR Space -an Interdisciplinary Design Research startup founded on the premise of technological innovation flirting with new media narratives. By engaging with select disciplines, IOVR seeks new and creative projects within the borders of Art and Architecture through new mediums such as Game Design, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Creative Coding, Photogrammetry, and Artificial Intelligence. It is a multimedia studio, a combination of a physical set with immersive design to create hyperreality experiences.

She is the Curator for the annual New Media Festival: Cyberia at TIFA Working Studios. Cyberia aims to lay a foundation for experimentation through play using key principles like interactivity, fictional storytelling, fictional worlds, narratives, characters, style, etc. She has hosted and curated multiple art exhibitions with an interactive experience in Europe and in India.

A real man would never suppress his true emotions.

Anokhi Shah