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DLL courses in South Asia

“Learning to teach German” (DLL), the innovative advanced training and continued professional development of the Goethe-Institut focuses on classroom lessons.  The new advanced training and professional development series of the Goethe-Institut was specifically tailored for teachers of German as a foreign language (DaF) and German as a second language (DaZ).  DLL provides practice-oriented qualifications for teachers worldwide – be it at the primary or the secondary level or adult education.

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There are 6 obligatory Basic Modules within the framework of DLL. In addition there are other modules for training purposes. These modules aim at developing ones competence in the fields of teaching German as a Foreign Language as well as German as a Second Language.

The Modules 1 - 6 are interlinked to a curriculum, which is the basis for the qualification for teaching German as a Foreign Language. These Modules are integrated in the DLL-Program of the Goethe-Institutes in South Asia.