PASCH-School Principals Conference
The German Ways and The Ways With German


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From 22.01.2021 to 24.01.2021 the first virtual conference for PASCH-School Principals of Northern South Asia took place.

The guests were welcomed by Dr. Berthold Franke, Head of the South Asia Region and Director of the Goethe-Institut New Delhi followed by Dr. Christoph Veldhues, Head of Language Department, Goethe-Institut Munich.

The Cultural and Visa Department of the German Embassy New Delhi supported the conference with opening remarks on the role of the PASCH-Network in South Asia and with useful tips on how to apply for visas for Germany. A lot of questions of the participants about the visa procedure were answered very extensively. The head of visa department emphasised  on the fact that PASCH Students are a preferred target group for Germany and therefore ensured that bottlenecks in the allocation of dates for visa applications should not be a hindrance to this group, their special needs will be catered to.

What is it about?

During the three-day conference, the PASCH initiative and its goals were examined in more detail and the resulting perspectives for students in South Asia were explored together with the school principals, also with regard to new relevant legislative changes in the education sector in Germany and South Asia.

Ms. Hannah von Bloh, Project Manager, PASCH, Goethe-Institut Munich, gave an informative presentation on the objectives of PASCH. The picture was completed with the presentation of the PASCH projects in 2020 and 2021 by Ms. Veronika Taranzinskaja, Project Head, PASCH South Asia, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi. Furthermore, the headmasters received information from the DAAD on living, studying and working in Germany. Representatives of the AHK with the Pro Recognition showed what career prospects graduates from South Asia can expect, especially with regard to training professions and what the support for the recognition of degrees on the part of Pro Recognition looks like in concrete terms. A model was also presented of how vocational orientation could take place at PASCH schools. Numerous school headmasters showed interest in this.

Dr Steinmetz, expert on CLIL and co-author of "German for Engineers", 2018, explained how specifically STEM language could be promoted in STEM clubs at PASCH schools. This topic is very important for South Asian graduates, as most of them who choose Germany as a place to study take STEM-related subjects


During the bar camp on the second day of the conference, school principals were able to contribute on current topics from their everyday school life. Motivating contributions were made on the topics of "Building the Alumni Network", "Learning in the New World" and "Classroom Management in Online Learning", which led to constructive discussions.
The conference brought discourse and reflection on interconnecting educational issues. While the digital format of the conference did not allow for real encounters, it nevertheless created an intimate exchange between school leaders and their representatives across the borders of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Iran.