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Abdullah Dabbas & Nina Braith

The Rat Race

By Abdullah Dabbas & Nina Braith


This project is mainly about how this global pandemic crisis affected the mental health of each individual and subconsciously carried them on a journey of self-discovery. By leaving this so-called “rat race“ that kept us occupied both mentally and physically with the outside world, we were forced to sit with ourselves due to the fact that the world took a pause and we had to stay under a mandatory house lockdown for weeks. This project sheds the light on the mental health issues that were encountered by some people, through a storyline of a character that goes through 4 different consecutive stages as time passes; Denial, depression, confrontation, and the light (inner-peace).
With our music, we wanted to create a gloomy and sinister atmosphere but still maintain an open and experimental character to the track. According to the lyrics, we focused on all the questions and doubts we had, especially at the beginning of the pandemic. This feeling of numbness and insecurity on the one hand and on the other hand the aspect of the social isolation within the situation. Although we wanted to create this deeply atmospheric feel, we still wanted the uplifting aspects to be also perceived by the listener. Playing around with some twists or even some disharmonies, we want the listener to stay curious as the track evolves, to reflect on inner conflicts and escalations.
The message behind this project is to show how a bad situation like this helped us to grow in an in-direct way through facing everything we subconsciously ran away from and connected us with our true selves in a world ruled by capitalism. After all, life is just a journey of self-discovery...

Artists profile

Abdullah Dabbas

Abdullah Dabbas

Jordan born, Amman-based techno DJ,  and audio engineer graduate specialised in music production and sound design. Abdullah Dabbas is a visionary artist who’s driven by the conceptual approach of music making and focuses on pushing the 
boundaries of musicality.

Nina Braith

Nina Braith

Nina Braith is a singer, producer and vocal coach from Vienna, currently living in Berlin.
She releases music under her artistic name “iNANA“ and is part of the female a capella Band “Beat Poetry Club“. She is the founder of the femalefronted label and platform “Beatzarilla“ which focuses on urban music. She teaches at Popakademie and University of Music and performing Arts Vienna. |