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Aida El-Kashef © Aida El-Kashef

Backstory – The Film Residency
Aida El-Kashef


Aida El-Kashef is a film director and producer, and Executive Director of Ganoub Film for production and distribution based in Cairo. In 2009, El Kashef has directed her first short film Rhapsody in autumn as a part of her graduation project from the High Cinema Institute in Cairo. The film has received The Dubai Muhr Silver Award amongst other international awards. El Kashef has directed and produced her second work, A Tin Tale in (2011), a short fiction, based and inspired by a true story of a young Egyptian sex-worker; which was premiered in the Dubai Film Festival. 

Project Info:

 “The Day i Ate the Fish” is a Feature documentary that appropriates the principles of an essay film, as it launches an expanded investigation of a collective case of four women currently serving prison sentences for murdering their husbands. As variant as they are, the cases reflect a common narrative of human suffering and ethical dilemmas, which pushes us to question basic notions of human interactions, crime  punishment and justice within our state apparatus.

Statement Jury

Aida's project through which she enters Egyptian prisons and speak to women who are facing sentences for killing their husbands is both fascinating and challenging. With some footage already recorded, it seems that this residency could serve as great push for her to resume work after having put the project on hold for a year.