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Rashad Mohamed© Rashad Mohamed

Mohamed Rashad


Mohamed Rashad is cofounder of Hassala Films. He was born in Egypt and studied cinema at a workshop organized by the Jesuit Cultural Center and the SIMAT Foundation. Mohamed has worked as an assistant director on many independent films and has written and directed two short films: From Afar and Maxim.

In 2016 he directed his first feature documentary Little Eagles and, for the first time, he worked as a producer on the feature documentary The Craft directed by Ramez Youssef. He is currently working on the development of his first fiction feature Wheelchair.

Project Info:

For fear of getting arrested by the police for his homosexuality, Mohamed escapes from the city of Cairo and goes to his hometown Alexandria. It is there that he again meets his family - whom he had no relationship for years, only to eventually get murdered by the hands that he thought would protect him.



After recently completing his first feature documentary “Little Eagles”, Rashad has shown great potential as one of Egypt's young emerging filmmakers. His decision to work on his first fiction feature comes at the right time and attending this residency will surely help him take some time off and meet the right people to develop his script to the fullest.