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The Film Residency
Omar Sfeir

Omar Sfeir portraitOmar Sfeir

Omar Sfeir


Omar Sfeir, Lebanese filmmaker, born in Neuilly- sur-Seine-France, and raised and based in Beirut, Lebanon. 
Omar began experimenting with film and photography from an early age till the conception and finalization of his two short films: Salwa - Empreintes d'un album photo, and one feature documentary “Album”.
His multitude of experience forms a tapestry of artistic expertise in photography and cinema. Inspired by concepts of identity and dedicated to freedom of expression, Omar is most passionate about allowing people to let out their inner self and participate in art which is based on inclusion, self-expression and joy.
His art focuses on depicting human intimacy, the complexity of human relationships, gender and sexuality.


A photography and video attempt to recreate the emotional timeline of a relationship, from the first kiss, to the empty bed.