Goethe-Test PRO Pflege
German for nursing care

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Ideal if you'd like to...

  • prepare for a training course in medical or non-clinical nursing in Germany
  • work as a trained nurse in Germany
  • demonstrate your knowledge of the German language as a health care professional

Adults who are already working in health care or who would like to do so in the future can demonstrate their specialist language skills at an advanced language level with the Goethe-Test PRO Pflege certification. The examination corresponds to the fourth level (B2) of the six-level scale of competence laid down in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


The Goethe-Test PRO Pflege exam comprises reading, listening, writing and speaking components. The exam is offered at selected centres. Consistent standards are used worldwide for administration and evaluation.

In the digital part of the exam, the Goethe-Test PRO Pflege determines the candidate’s reading and listening skill levels in 60 to 90 minutes. All participants begin the exam at the same level. As the exam progresses, the program chooses the next question based on your previous answer, allowing the level of difficulty to be adjusted to your language skills.The productive parts assess writing and speaking at level B2. The speaking part of the exam deals with typical occupational situations in nursing care for the sick and elderly, and the tasks in the writing part of the exam are also based on everyday nursing practice. The speaking exam is carried out in pairs with two examiners present.

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*) Der angezeigte günstigere Preis gilt, wenn Sie bereits einen Deutschkurs beim Goethe-Institut besucht haben, der nicht länger als sechs Monate zurückliegt. Die sechs Monate beziehen sich dabei auf den Zeitraum zwischen der Beendigung des Sprachkurses und dem Termin der Deutschprüfung. In diesem Fall ändert sich der Preis automatisch während des Buchungsprozesses. Sollte dies nicht erfolgen, wenden Sie sich bitte an Ihr Kursbüro.

Passing the exam demonstrates that you can...

  • understand relevant types of texts containing professional language and subject-specific content.
  • write reports and news in the style and tone appropriate to a professional health care context.
  • talk about your own work area, conduct patient interviews, present a verbal case report and participate in a professional discussion, ask and answer questions.


Practice Materials

You can find practice materials for the listening, reading, writing and speaking sections here to help you prepare for the Goethe-Test PRO Pflege.

Further Information

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