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Wed, 18.07.2018

7:00 PM

Goethe-Institut Libanon | Media Lounge

Maren Ade, 2009, 124 min

Gitti and Chris, an odd couple in their early thirties, are spending a holiday of secluded togetherness. It is an intimate portrait of two people as they can only be when alone: their secret rituals, their silliness, their unfulfilled dreams and their power struggles.
An encounter with another couple serves to destabilise their relationship. Not only is the other couple more successful, the two also manage to conceal conventional gender roles beneath a modern façade. Taking a leaf out of the other couple′s book, Chris begins to show his wilful girlfriend who′s boss, with the result that Gitti′s faith in her partner takes a hard knock. She attempts to conform to his new ideal, but what begins as a playful experiment with a new role soon turns into a quiet struggle with her own personality.

(Source: / 59. Berlin International Film Festival, Catalogue)

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