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Online Violence Campaign is a project organized by Goethe-Institut Sri Lanka with Save the Children Sri Lanka with youth from 3 South Asian Countries; Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan. It was conducted as a series of online discussions via Digital Hangouts, on the opinion of the youth on online violence.

Multi Country Youth-led Campaign against Online Violence

Digital Hangouts is a model designed and piloted by the Save the Children Nepal. With the support of Save the Children Asia Regional Office, Save the Children Sri Lanka piloted the Digital Hangouts model to connect youth from 3 countries. Digital Hangouts began as an initiative aimed at providing opportunities for students of Goethe-Institut from Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan to express their views on issues faced by children in the COVID-19 context and to learn from one another.

Initiation of the Multi-Country Campaign with youth from Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan: During Digital Hangouts, youth from all three countries identified online violence as an escalating issue affecting children. They also expressed their interest to campaign against this issue collectively to benefit their peers/ youth in the three countries. To facilitate these youth to co-create a campaign with Save the Children and Goethe-Institut, we received the support of the Myanmar Sri Lanka Thailand (MST) ACCM team to roll out the SHIFT campaign accelerator module online as a pilot. In addition, the youth were involved in series of workshops, including a 4 day creative workshop with a renowned German Artist to help youth express their online violence concerns through comic-art, which was organized by the Goethe-Institut Sri Lanka.

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