Contact and opening hours

General opening hours (Language Course Office and Reception):
Our Language Course Office and Reception are open for our language students from 08:30am to 03:00pm on weekdays. On specific Saturdays and Sundays our Reception is open from 08.00am to 04.00pm. 

Saturdays: 01st April ; 20th May ; 17th June ;  15th July ; 05th August ; 09th September ; 07th October

Sundays: 02nd April ; 21st May ; 18th June ; 16th July ;  13th August ; 10th September ;  08th October

General openign hours (Library): 
Our library is open for our language students from 09:30am to 06:00pm on weedays. 


Sinhala & Tamil New Year 2023:
13th April 2023 - 19th April 2023

Christmas Break 2023/2024:
25th December 2023 - 1st January 2024

January 06th      (Friday) 
March 06th         (Monday) 
April 05th            (Wednesday) 
April 13th            (Donnerstag) 
April 14th            (Friday) 
May 01st             (Monday) 
May 05th             (Friday) 
July 03rd             (Monday) 
August 08th        (Tuesday) 
August 30th        (Wednesday) 
September 28th  (Thursday) 
September 29th  (Friday) 
December 25th   (Monday) 
December 26th   (Tuesday) 

If you would like to speak to one of our staff, please arrange an appointment in advance.


Access by public transport

Bus: 154 Baudhalokka Mawatha, Stop:Wijerama Mawatha 
Bus: 177 Horton Place, Stop:Wijerama Mawatha