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Illustration:  Fröhliche Lernende greifen nach Büchern, Sprechblasen und einer Deutschlandkarte, die durch die Luft fliegen.
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Our courses

Eine Gruppe junger Geschäftsleute in einem Sitzungsraum; eine junge Frau reicht einem Mann die Hand.

Company Courses

Courses can be organised to fit your company’s specific needs, either here at our institute in Colombo or at your location. 
Portrait einer jungen Frau; sie lächelt. Im Hintergrund sind vier weitere junge Leute zu sehen.

Nursing Courses

We offer courses focusing on German language exercises for health care professionals. Would you like to work in a hospital or in an other health care institution in Germany? Then you are making the right choice with this course. 
A young woman is sitting on a sofa. She is taking part in an online meeting and wearing a headset.

Tourism Courses

We also offer courses providing the necessary specific vocabulary to work in the tourism sector. Do you work with German tourists? Then this is the right course for you. 

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