An Exhibition of Selected Photography Humanity & Earth

The Humanity & Earth photography exhibition, which manifested during a short Covid-window in September 2020, presented a beautifully curated selection of works at the Harold Peiris Gallery. As the pandemic picked up again, all plans for this exhibition to travel other parts of the island had to be postponed. After this extended pause, we are now happy to announce that a selection from this exhibition curated by Liz Fernando will be shown at Kälam in Jaffna.

Humanity & Earth in Jaffna © Goethe-Institut

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Virtual Reality
The Infinite Library

The Infinite Library is a travelling installation that uses VR and other media to reimagine the future of libraries as interactive spaces that engage visitors through multisensory forms of storytelling. It seeks to embed human stories within a much grander narrative, one which includes the birth of our planet and the evolution of all life forms.

Infinite Library landing page © Goethe-Institut

In Search of a Common Ground
Critical Zones

For a long time the reactions of Earth to our human actions remained unnoticed, but in recent times with the protest movement Fridays for Future climate crisis has moved into public consciousness. The thought exhibition »CRITICAL ZONES« invites us to deal with the CRITICAL situation of the Earth in various ways and to explore new modes of coexistence between all forms of life.

Critical Zones - Header Square © ZKM | Karlsruhe

Photo Documentation
Capturing the Current

Four emerging photographers' documentary projects that have been 'Capturing the Current' in Colombo, Galle and Jaffna during the People's Protest.

Capturing the Current - new teaser © Goethe-Institut | Nayanahari Abeynayake

Multidisciplinary Contemporary Art Festival

A creative platform for interdisciplinary dialogue that has grown steadily within the cultural landscape of Colombo. 

Colomboscope 2022 - square teaser © Colomboscope

Music from the fringes of Sri Lanka
Thattu Pattu

Thattu Pattu intends to spark a renewed interest in music from the fringes of Sri Lanka.

23012112 © Goethe-Institut

Decolonial and feminist futures

A trans*oceanic platform for slow approaches, performative interventions and poetic strategies in visual and literary forms.

kal teaser image square © Goethe-Institut


Science Film Festival

The vision for this year`s festival is about equal opportunities in science. Please register to receive the link to the films selected in Sri Lanka and the password that enables you to stream the films free of charge during the festival period.

Science Film Festival 2022 © Goethe-Institut


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