Exhibition Mendekati Visual: Daily Little Prayers

Banner: Daily Little Prayers ©Lostgens

Sat, 17.08.2019 -
Sun, 01.09.2019

Lostgens', 8C, Jalan Panggong, 50000 Kuala Lumpur

Exhibition Opening : Saturday, 17 August, 8pm

The residency for this year’s AIR Exchange Program recipient Sarah Schoderer is almost ending. In the past two months, she has been actively engaged with different cultural communities in Kuala Lumpur and travelled to Terengganu on the East Coast to be exposed with the traditional craftsmanship of Batik making. These experiences shaped her interpretations and impressions of this rapidly growing society. In an open studio concept, she would like to share her reflections of the residency program with the public.   

Artist Statement

The Show „Daily little Prayers“ will appear as a Mixed Media installation. I have been documenting specific moments / experiences I have had here during my stay. As I was interested in getting to know „typical forms“ of Malaysia today (a society which is famous for its diversity) I was trying to collect for me obviously specific moments and impressions which can be described as reflections of todays present here.
My exhibition also seeks to reflect on some conflicts that modern societies always have: For example, the demolition of nature, which is obvious due to the high development speed going on in big cities as Kuala Lumpur for example, is.
The documentations in form of photos are already translated into a little screenplay out of drawings on Chinese silk paper role that will be shown more as an object in the art space. Here the process of reflection and interpretation has already started: I am choosing significant objects and moments that I went through here. There was a moment when I was a witness to the death of fishes in a river that belongs to a village nearby KL as well as I have been to a Batik workshop in Kuala Terengganu. The viewer is invited to see my perspective.
But it is all in all not too personal as I have had the chance to share many of the moments with my friends from Lostgens´ as well as other people I have met here. So this show is also an appreciation of these people.
This residency program is taking place in collaboration with Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space KL and Basis e.V. Frankfurt am Main and supported by the Goethe-Institut Malaysia.