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40 Jahre Goethe-Institut Neuseeland
Max Currie

Deutsch ist die Sprache des Abenteuers 
Several summers ago, I was visiting my beloved Berlin and friends and I decided to visit Teufelsberg, the abandoned Cold-war error listening post.  I idly filmed with my phone - the people I loved in the city I loved, experiencing that strange, hostile beauty I've only found in Berlin.  It touched us all that day, the strangeness of it, the epic scope, the reclaiming of darker times by art and nature... so many rough edges, so life affirming.  We drank beers inside those crumbling, geodesic domes as the sun set, watching circus performers idly spinning on the walls.  This incredible, floaty, dreamy day with these friends and collaborators who are so dear to me - it would never have happened had I not stepped into Judith Geare's classroom at the Wellington Goethe-Institut over a decade ago.  That day set in motion a chain of events that stretched far beyond the pleasure of learning German, to a whole, new, exciting life in Germany made up of artists and lovers and cycle rides and poetry and Berlin Summers.  For me, German is the language of adventure.