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July: Pride Parade

Queer Comic Conversations is a webcomic series by Comic artists Illi Anna Heger (Munich) and Sam Orchard (Wellington) where they discuss similarities and differences about queer and trans lives.

visual comic: Queer Comic Conversation - July: Pride Parade, scroll down for text-based comic (after annotations)© Illi Anna Heger + Sam Orchard


Find more information on the Munich Pride, Christopher Street Day, the Wellington Pride Festival and the Wellington International Pride Parade.

Here are some helpful glossaries:
A Germany glossary can be found in the magazine queerulantin, online and there is a New Zealand glossary (it says transgender but actually covers everything) too. Sam has also done a comic with a 101 about this stuff.
Groups mentioned in the pages visually:
“Beyond Color”

Find explainations about flags used in the pictures.

This article details some context as to why there are two parades in New Zealand. Another article can be found here.


Sam: Hello! I'm Sam. Are you… Illi?

Illi: That's me and you look just like in your web comic.

Sam: Shall we chat?

Illi: Yes, let's have queer comic conversations!

Sam: Where shall we draw our setting? We could be anywhere.

Illi: It's July, let’s go to the Pride Parade in front of the town hall in Munich.

visual of flags and people and the Rathaus Marienplatz

Sam: Wow! So many people!

Illi: Is this more people than you get at Pride in Wellington?

Sam: Let's get back to February, that's when our Pride is and I’ll show you!

Wellington waterfront, Pride Parade, lots of diverse flags and people. The flags read slogans like Indigenous genders are REAL, Trans rights now, Intersex Care, Health Care, Sisters not just cisters, Queer Rights, Rainbow rights are human rights

Sam: This is the smaller parade - it is focused on community and change. There is a bigger one, that has the police and lots of corporations. We're still figuring out what pride means to us, that's why we have two parades.

Back in Munich, Pride Parade. Divers signs and flags can be seen, reading LGBTQIA, Beyond Color, Regenbogenväter, Les Mamas

Illi: Hey Sam, so where do you fit under the rainbow umbrella?

Sam: Hmmmm, I sometimes joke that LGBT is a checklist. I’ve identified as lesbian, bi, gay and trans - but now I just use queer and trans.

Illi: Yes, the first five letters fit me. I am non-binary trans. I am attracted to my own gender and other genders, you know bisexual and queer.

Sam: I am into all kinds of people, but whatever their gender, my attraction is queer.

Illi: I feel lesbian with women and gay with men, full-time homo and queer.

Sam: Labels are so complicated! Let’s talk about that next month!

Illi: Oh great, see you then.

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