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September: Spaces

Queer Comic Conversations is a webcomic series by Comic artists Illi Anna Heger (Munich) and Sam Orchard (Wellington) where they discuss similarities and differences about queer and trans lives.

visual comic: Queer Comic Conversation - September: Spaces, scroll down for text-based comic (after annotations)© Illi Anna Heger + Sam Orchard


We put together these links for more information on safe spaces like “Sub”, the Munich gay community centre, “LeTra”, the Munich lesbian community centre, or “Qties”, the Munich group for nonbinary and binary trans people. You will also find the links to Aotearoa  organisations “RainbowYOUTH”, InsideOUT and Aotearoa’s Gender Minorities group.


Sam: Here we are, where shall we go today?

Illi: There are so many places I could take you.

Sam and Illi stand in front of LETRA and look at SUB.

Illi: The gay community centre SUB and the lesbian one called LETRA are both around the corner. I would love to take you to the house for all trans people, but we do not have one yet.

Sam: Where do trans people meet then?

Illi: We meet at different locations, in SUB or in Munich's self-help centre.
But hey, today the QTies meet for a picnic in "Englischer Garten".

Sam and Illi are walking around "Englischer Garten" in Munich. One can see a pavillion in the background and there are lots of groups of people having picnics.

Illi: That is a group for non-binaries, but open to binary trans people, too.

Sam: In New Zealand we don't have many separate organisations. Rainbow spaces often serve the whole community.

Illi and Sam sit on a blanket and chat.

Sam: But there are newer ones like GENDER MINORITIES that are by and for trans and non-binary people.

Illi: Yes, this is what QTies is all about. The focus is on gender identity, but we are quite a queer bunch. When I discovered them, I was quite ecstatic.

Sam: I go to different groups, like queer comic creators, and I enjoy bear groups for larger hairier gay men, where my body-type is celebrated. 

Image insert: A group of men with beards and Sam.

In "Englischer Garten":  Illi and Sam are sitting amongst trees and continue their conversation. 

Sam: It's nice to have lots of spaces for different parts of who I am.

Illi: We have this big trans meeting twice a year. People from all over the trans spectrum come together, because we dream of having a shared house.

Sam: It is great to have spaces for all of us together and for specific groups.

Illi: And then, there is chosen family.

Sam: Yes! Let's talk about that next month!

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