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December: Queer Market

Queer Comic Conversations is a webcomic series by Comic artists Illi Anna Heger (Munich) and Sam Orchard (Wellington) where they discuss similarities and differences about queer and trans lives.

visual comic: Queer Comic Conversation - December: Queer Market, scroll down for text-based comic (after annotations)© Illi Anna Heger, Sam Orchard


For more information on the queer market organised by Sam, and for a taste of our artists Randa and Sookee, click on the highlighted links.


Illi: It's our last chat! Let's go somewhere fun and exciting!

Sam: Let's go back in time six years, to a market that I organised.
I put it on to celebrate queer artists!

Sam and Illi walk around a market, a colourful banner can be seen displaying the following words: Everything & Everyone - Queer + Trans Market.

Sam: It was a massive mix of fashion, art, music and writing. I wanted to have a space to sell our stuff and to connect.

Illi: I started making comics to connect to queer people and to be part of building this community.

Sam: Cool! I started because I wasn't seeing myself represented in media. Making comics means that I can celebrate the ways in which we are different.

Illi: Yes, I remember first reading your comics and feeling understood.  When I searched the internet back then looking specifically for queer comics, there were only a few I could find.

Sam and Illi wander around and end up in front of a stage.

Sam: I think a lot has changed since 2014 - there are so many more comics about and by trans and queer people now.

Voice over loudspeakers: Welcome to the afterparty! Introducing a new artist - Randa!

Illi: Who is Randa?

Sam: Randa is a trans rapper from Auckland!

Illi: I like it!

Sam: Are there any German musicians I should listen to?

Illi: I will take you to the last concert of a queer feminist rapper.

Sam and Illi bath in a crowd of people in front of a colourfully lit stage, big letters are displayed on stage: SOOKEE.

Sookee rapping on stage: ... lasst uns die Menschen öfter mit Tieren vergleichen, dies war kein Revierkampf, das sind gaye Giraffen...
...der halbe Meeresgrund ist Inter oder wechselt das Geschlecht: FTM, MTF, nichtbinär - alles echt.

Sam: There are many more stories to tell.

Illi: Yeah, but we have run out of panels!

Sam: Kia ora!

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