Anyone expecting a concise definition of “Bildung” will have to look elsewhere.
This is because:
1.     translating “Bildung” into English is notoriously difficult; and
2.     ready-made definitions are against the spirit of the word!
What you can find here instead are stories of Kiwis gaining new perspectives, expanding their horizons and making connections through adventures in "Bildung" overseas.

Frankfurt panorama at night © Cayla Fitzpatrick

High School Scholarship
International Arrivals

High school student Cayla Fitzpatrick lands at Frankfurt airport on a three-week PASCH scholarship and finds bright lights, fresh snow and a friendly green vegetable

Frankfurt skyscraper © Todor Cvetanov

High School Scholarship
The Big City

High school student Todor Cvetanov finds new sights – and sounds – in the metropolis of Frankfurt on a three-week PASCH scholarship

Language Tandem Breakfast © Carolyn Wu

Post-doc Research
Talking in Tandem

Neuroscientist Carolyn Wu gets into the “green range” during her post-doc research at Bielefeld University – with the help of a bicycle and a good German breakfast

Swiss Chalet © Ben Mitchell

High School Scholarship
Cat’s Eye View

When Year 12 student Ben Mitchell turned up at the door of a German family, even the resident feline welcomed him in

View from atop the Alps in Bregenz, Austria © Aneesa Delpachitra

High School Exchange
Life Swap in Lindau

As a year 12 college student, I decided to spend my summer holidays halfway across the world on a German cultural exchange: living in a host family, going to school with my host sister and learning about the culture

GASS Vorhängeschloss © Jackie de Pont

High School Scholarship
Free Range

High school student Jackie de Pont sets her own direction on a ten-week scholarship to Germany

Brunch in Haendel Garden © Eins Lee

Student Exchange
Picturing Freiburg

Auckland student Eins Lee presents scenes from student exchange in Freiburg: exploring the city, meeting new people, taking classes, and hanging out…


Graduate Scholarship
Living the Seasons

Balmy summer evenings, chestnuts in the autumn forests, Christmas markets with mulled wine, and an all-night festival to welcome the spring: Masters student Lara embraces change

Volunteering in Germany © Hannah McIntyre

Volunteering in Germany
Not Your Average OE

Ever heard of the German volunteer service? Hannah McIntyre explains how she went from high school in Auckland to working as a volunteer near the Black Forest…

Ana in train carriage © Ana Renker-Darby

Student Exchange
Half a Year in Heidelberg

Health sciences, politics and German – Ana Renker-Darby rounds off her conjoint degree with six months in Germany’s oldest university town… .