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Yana Ofrasio

 Maker: Yana Ofrasio
Foundation Year: 2013
Product(s): Indigo-dyed clothing

Yana Ofrasio is a visual artist, muralist and graphic designer, who for the past two years has been experimenting with Shibori and natural dyeing techniques. She also works with Philippine Indigo and other natural dyes to promote local patterns and sustainable fashion. With focus on Itajime Shibori, she aims to develop unique patterns that showcase the Filipino touch on the Japanese art.

Yana sells dyed garments at the Hub as well as her own artworks. She's a frequent exhibitor at local makers' fairs and gives workshops on indigo dyeing techniques and other crafts. 

On-line presence
Yana Ofrasio's website
Yana Ofrasio on Tumblr
Yana Ofrasio on Instagram

Articles, interviews, etc.
Yana Ofrasio, Manila Mini Maker Faire (2018)