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Jo Hecker

Science Is Fun! (Germany Too!)

Engaging students in STEM with the famous Jo Hecker.



Following a filmed tour of the science center PHÄNOMENTA in Lüdenscheid, Germany, Jo Hecker - a science entertainer, engineer, author, and science journalist - will offer an exciting virtual science show!

How does an "Ames Room" work, which makes big things small and small things big? What happens to (Styrofoam) frogs in the pressure cooker? How do valves work and where do we have them installed? Why do people conduct electricity? What happens when you plug a pickle into a wall socket? Does a yogurt cup have a memory? How do you blow up a balloon that has been tied shut? Can you create "a piece of space" on Earth? What is the delicious "pizza theorem" all about? Can heat be made visible? How does the "Egg of Columbus 2.0" work?

Questions upon questions and a show full of answers! As a bonus, all participants will receive a kit for an "Ames Room", which they can then print out, build and try out with their students.