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At the Goethe-Institut in the U.S., we publish content that conveys a comprehensive image of modern Germany and encourages international dialogue while highlighting the local culture. We also tailor our website to readers in our neighboring countries, Mexico and Canada.


Monuments of the Future? © Goethe-Institut e.V.

The Future of Memory Spaces
Monuments of the Future?

In a public landscape haunted by visible and invisible memories, can Art and Design transform monuments into vessels that uncover what was previously unspoken? How can we answer the call for sites of multi-directional memory? And how can we find solutions that evolve as society changes over time?

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GFO D89 Courtesy Sundance TV

German Films in the U.S.
German Film Office

The New York-based initiative of the Goethe-Institut and German Films collaborates with local partners to bring the best of contemporary and repertory films from Germany to U.S. audiences.

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A television photographed in 2006, still from “Germany’s Most Beautiful Railways” Photo: Goethe-Institut

Digital Zine

The earth rotates, everything is in constant motion, change is a necessity. It’s high time for a magazine dedicated to stillness: a collection of pieces from international artists and writers in homage to standstills and their poetic beauty.

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Media and Technology

Serienfieber Illustration einer Hand mit Fernbedienung © Colourbox / Image editing Goethe-Institut Los Angeles

German Series in the USA
Binge Fever!

Television “Made in Germany” is having a golden moment with the rise of international streaming services. In this dossier, we highlight binge-worthy German serials and fill you in on where to watch them in the USA.

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Uwe Johnson © picture alliance / Keystone

Uwe Johnson
Riverside Drive Revisited

Just over 50 years ago, Uwe Johnson, a German writer living in New York, began writing Anniversaries, one of the great masterpieces of postwar German literature. On the occasion of the first complete English translation of Anniversaries, the Goethe-Institut investigates what makes this such an enduring classic. 

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Gegenüber Keyvisua © Tobias Schrank

Too Much, Enough, and Next to Nothing

The world is grappling with the consequences of unbridled expansion. As continued growth becomes increasingly untenable, we find ourselves at a crossroads. Is a healthy balance between excess and scarcity possible in today’s world? This issue of the transatlantic magazine Gegenüber delves into the intertwined narratives of growth and degrowth in society. Join us as we question the notion of progress and envision a sustainable future together.

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