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Dancer and choreographer
Interview with Tran Tien Huy

Tran Tien Huy
© Tran Tien Huy

What did the camp mean to you?

Tran Tien Huy: For young artists it was a good chance to get to know each other and to collaborate. This opened a door for artists and contemporary dance in Vietnam.

I am happy to be part of this workshop. I think the result showed that it was successful.

You had presented to us a concept inspired by the water puppet theater of Hanoi. But you had to put it aside because it was too big for the workshop.
Tran Tien Huy: I was glad that I had a chance to present the concept at all. I did not seriously expect to make it happen on stage That was ok for me.
I put myself in support for the group. IN the end I can find another chance to do my piece. Here this was for the group. The team work was for me first thing.

You are one of the more experienced dancers in the camp. Was there anything new to you compared to your work experience in Germany.

Tran Tien Huy: Things were indeed not completely l new to me, but I learnt a lot from Heiner. For example how to balance all the things that happen on stage, how I understand myself in relation to the other side, to the stage, to the audience, to enjoy the show in a different way. How to look at the show from a different angle. That was very valuable for me to learn from Heiner.