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Interview with Huynh Tran Khanh Chinh

Huynh Tran Khanh Chinh
© Huynh Tran Khanh Chinh

What was the outcome of this camp for you?

Huynh Tran Khanh Chinh: I have come to this workshop as a dancer. Here with Heiner, I tried out something which I had never done before.

Here, I had a chance to work with a big team of musicians, choreographers and dancers. This was big for me because I want to become a choreographer. Heiner made us think a lot for example of the lighting, the way the musicians play, about the space and how we interact, and how I myself can work with everybody and make one thing together, which was really amazing.
We played with things which we found on the stage. Heiner gave us the things like a topic and asked us to do something with it. The musicians just play with drone. After ten, fifteen minutes we had achieved something. We learned to not just be a musician or a dancer, but to become a big picture.
Some of the choreographers came from Germany. They were very intelligent, had strong techniques how to look at the stage and I received some advice from them.
For me personally I went into directing, doing choreography. I learnt a lot from the musicians, how to control my emotion. When I am standing on the stage, I am not a dancer, I like this. I sometimes just listen to the music. When I am standing outside in the wing, I can feel to be one piece of the total (picture). Sometime I was hiding behind the backdrop and play with the fabric, sometimes I am in front of the stage and just look at the picture; and I enjoy this.
After this project I hope I can do more of that in the future. I think it will be easier when I work with the musicians.