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Vietnamese experts
Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong

Lecturer of Department of Anthropology, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University of Hanoi.

Nguyen Thu Huong© Nguyen Thu Huong

Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong

received a doctorate from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2011); Postdoctoral research at Lund University, Sweden (2015-2017). Her main research topics include gender violence, ethnic minorities, inclusive development and other human security issues, with approaching gender as a cross-cutting issue in the criminal justice sector, natural disasters, governance, biomedicine and communication in Vietnam and the Philippines (since 2014). Dr. Huong has many research works published in leading international scientific journals such as Violence Against Women; Culture, Health and Sexuality; American Anthropologist ... In addition to teaching, Dr. Huong has carried out many research activities, policy advice, impact assessment on related topics for development agencies, international humanitarian organizations in Vietnam and Myanmar.