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What is What?

Thế nào và tại sao Cover© Tan Viet Book

WAS IST WAS has stood for decades for knowledge conveyed in a child-friendly way and a unique variety of topics in the field of children's books. The books for young readers aged 8 and up are characterized by comprehensible and clearly written texts, a colorful layout and large-format, impressive pictures. This year, the series continues with publications on the following topics such as: Volcanoes -Fire from Below, Planets and Space Travel- Expedition into Space, Our Earth-the blue planet, Energy-What drives the world, Airplanes-The dream of flying, Dinosaurs-In the realm of the giant lizards...

The book series is published by Tan Viet Books in association with Vietnam Women's Publishing House and Pedagogical University Publishing House.

Copyright: Tan Viet Books

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