Author: Ferdinand von Schirach

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202 pages
ISBN: 9783442714971

"Guilt" was the second novel by Ferdinand von Schirach, which was made into a film. Anyone can become a perpetrator, it just depends on the circumstances. DEBT illustrates the life that preceded an act. And shows how a lawyer manages to successfully engage with the client in accordance with the law.

The Vietnamese version was published by the Publishing House Sao Bac.

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Ferdinand von Schirach (* 1964, MUnich) - Author

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Ferdinand von Schirach is a German writer and lawyer. Der Spiegel called Ferdinand von Schirach a "great storyteller", the New York Times an "extraordinary stylist", the Independent compared him to Kafka and Kleist, the Daily Telegraph named him "one of the most distinctive voices in European literature". The collections of stories »Crime«, »Guilt« and »Punishment« as well as the novels »Der Fall Collini« and »Tabu« are international bestsellers that have sold millions of times. Ferdinand von Schirach has received many literary prizes. He lives in Berlin.

Le Quang (*1956, Hanoi) - Translator

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studied and worked in Germany from 1974 to 2001. He supports the Vietnamese German dialogue as an interpreter and beyond that he has translated over 40 books from German.