Professional development in Germany

Professional development in Germany Photo: Goethe-Instituts in Germany


Are you interested in taking part in a professional development seminar at the Goethe-Institut in Germany?

The Goethe-Institut offers professional development seminars for teachers of German at the elementary, secondary and university levels, and in adult education for teacher trainers and language training designed for teachers of German in general language courses

The following are eligible to participate:

  1. Scholarships from the Goethe-Instituts 
    The Goethe-Institut makes 10-12 scholarships per year available for German teachers in Vietnam to attend various training courses in Germany.
  2. Subsidy recipients
    Teachers of German and trainers of teachers of German who finance the seminar fees with a subsidy from an institution in their own country (Sokrates, Ministry of Education, etc.).

    If you wish to apply to your national Sokrates agency under the COMENIUS 2.2c programme, please request information from the Sokrates agency in your land.
  3. Persons financing their own participation
    Participants who pay the seminar fees and the travel/accommodation expenses themselves.
Professional Development in Germany