TDC 2017 Photo: Jana Linzmeier © Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Opening | 08.12.2017, 8 PM
Duration | 09. - 12.12.2017, daily 9 AM - 8 PM

Ho Chi Minh City Exhibition House

This exhibition is directed especially at professionals and students in the working fields of graphic design, advertisement, marketing, communication, multimedia, publishing and education and to everyone else interested in typography and design.

Goethe-Institut is inviting everyone to join the Type Directors Club exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City. From December 09 to 12, the most interesting designs the world of script and graphic design has to offer will be exhibited.

Type Directors Club Show will bring the essence of art to the graphic design enthusiasts an artistic and professional show. Each art work is the translation of the voice of emotions, the rhythm of the souls, which delivers its message to the viewer. TDC 63 is held in November, December in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City respectively, organized by Richard Moore Associates, as a festival of inspiration, creative ideas, and the opportunity to meet with design professionals.

Following the success of TDC's previous years in Vietnam with thousands of attendees, TDC 63 exhibited 207 works selected from 1700 entries from 50 countries around the World.

TDC 63 is held in Vietnam by Richard Moore Associates, the sole representative of TDC in Vietnam, in cooperation with FPT Arena, Ton Duc Thang University and Goethe Institut.

The show is an annual event organized by The Type Directors Club (TDC) - the premier international organization that supports and honors Typography, for both print and display. Founded in 1946 by leading designers in the industry, TDC is the most prestigious representative in the graphic design industry.

The TDC Club welcomes all those who have a passion for typography in advertising, media, education, marketing and publishing, from graphic designers, artistic director, multimedia specialist, to students and businessmen.