Sketch Comedy COMEDY NIGHT@Culture Lab

The Rotten Grapes © Nhungquanhothoi

Mon, 20.07.2020

8:00 PM

Goethe-Institut Hanoi

By The Rotten Grapes - improv and sketch comedy group

Monday, The Rotten Grapes wish you happy
Starting a new week with some comedies

"Comedy Night: Monday Get Together" – presented by The Rotten Grapes. Improvised Comedy, Stand-up-Comedy is what they bring to the audiences in Hanoi. Witty, funny, intelligent and for the mixed audience of this night in an interesting way as a combination of Vietnamese and international comedy culture.

Founded in 2015, The Rotten Grapes are the only and first comedy community in Hanoi. Interactive with humour and a good laugh for everybody they pick up ideas from the audience and give them a funny turn. For improvisational comedy, the story will start with an audience's suggestion, and it is important to remain extremely humorous. Whatever the hint is, the comedians will try to make the audience laugh. The audience gets to watch a show that never exists before and won't happen again, a truly original comedy show.

The Comedy Night@Culture Lab: Monday Get Together is an cultural event in the context of CULTURE LAB, an initiative of the Goethe-Institut Hanoi Vietnam to support new ideas as well as the cohesion of artists and art lovers.
The Rotten Grapes Improv Comedy

Dated back from 2015, The Rotten Grapes Improv Comedy brings a unique, interactive comedy experience to the theatrical life of Hanoi. Using their improvisational skills, The Rotten Grapes team instantly turns random suggestions given on the spot into hilarious scenes and feeds the audience with laughter.

Without any scripts, props or even costumes, The Rotten Grapes Improv Comedy captures viewers’ hearts with their unpredictable created-on-scene acts and a great level of energy. They have made a name for themselves. Since its inception, The Rotten Grapes have  been organizeding more than 100 weekend gigs as well as 20 iImprov courses The group now countshas more than 30 members with different backgrounds and nationalities including Vietnamese, South African, British, American, Chinese, Japanese…

Come and start the week with a good laugh!