Multi-media performance Time & Realities

collaboration between artists and curators that set out to experience the train journey connecting Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, using this as material to inform new art works.


Bill Nguyen (*1988, Vietnam)
Bill Nguyen © Bill Nguyen is an artist-curator based in Saigon, he is committed to researching and developing an alternative, locally-driven method and platform for curation in Vietnam. 

He obtained his BFA at Nottingham Trent University (UK). After his return to Vietnam he re-entered Hanoi through multiple trajectories in the arts community: engaging as an artist, educator, writer and curator. Between 2009 and 2013, he co-designed and co-led interdisciplinary education programs for Hanoi DOCLAB. Since 2013 he has been collaborating with Nha San Collective (Hanoi) as a freelance curator. In 2012, he co-founded and became the co-curator of the non-profit art space Manzi, which is now in its 9th year running, hosting visual art exhibitions, music concerts, video screenings and discussions on Vietnam’s past and current socio-political happenings. Bill is currently the Assistant Curator at The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre (Ho Chi Minh City). He is an alumnus of the 8th Berlin Biennial Young Curators Workshop and is currently a participating curator at the CuratorsLAB initiated by the Goethe Institut South East Asia.

Mary Lou David (*1992, France)
Mary Lou David © Mary Lou David is a curator and art manager whose eclectic interests include experimental cinema, cabinets of curiosities, commemorative art, folk art and queer performance.

Mary Lou David is a curator and art manager whose eclectic interests include experimental cinema, cabinets of curiosities, commemorative art, folk art and queer performance. After completing her Master’s degree in Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London in 2014, she has worked as a research assistant at the Didier Aaron gallery in London and assistant curator at the CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux. Since 2016 she has been based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, co-managing A. Farm international residency (2018-2020) and working full-time for Sàn Art, a non-profit contemporary art organisation.

Elise Luong (*1985, Australia)
Elise Luong © Elise Luong is arts manager and writer, based in Hanoi since 2016.

After graduating from a BFA in Photography and Video Arts in Belgium, she has worked in a diverse range of Contemporary Art fields, engaging in project management and the curation of wildly unique spaces in Brussels, Berlin, and Montreal, showcasing visual, street art & new media.

In 2012, when based in Brussels, she co-founded the not-for-profit organisation called Undecided Productions widening her scope of curatorial practice to highlight “experience-based” forms such as performance, contemporary dance, live/experimental music & sound installation. Since moving to Vietnam, Undecided Productions has focused on projects that foster cultural exchange in the arts, such as directing the residency program live.make.share.

She currently works in the fields not only of Contemporary Art but also Architecture and journalism, as a writer, editor, events manager, program curator and communication designer. As an artist manager she is concerned with the development of production & dissemination opportunities for young creators.

Thao-Linh Dinh (*1993, Vietnam)
Dinh Thao Linh © Dinh Thao Linh is a curator and arts manager living and working in Hanoi.

She is interested in collaborative artistic process-orientation, community-based and conversational art practice. She founded Ba-Bau AIR - an independent artist-in-residence, studio and kitchen in Hanoi - in 2019 to support, connect and incubate the conversation and the collaboration within and beyond the contemporary art scene.


Pham Nguyen Anh Tu (*1997, Vietnam)
Pham Nguyen Anh Tu © Pham Nguyen Anh Tu is a visual artist working with video since 2018.

He approaches video making through a combination of animated collages and chroma key compositing to produce scenes that mimic dreamlike states. His work focuses on themes of queer identity and fantasy, depicting scenes of playful reverie and inner dialogue translated to film.
Pham Nguyen Anh Tu

Mimi Kunz (*1986, Germany)
Mimi Kunz Foto (Abschnitt): Maite Morren is a visual artist and writer.

She studied graphics and painting at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, where she received an Academy Award and a post-graduation scholarship. After residencies in Scotland and Vietnam she now lives in Brussels, where she founded Something Beautiful, a festival for visual art and poetry.

Dang Thuy Anh (*1996, Vietnam)
Dang Thuy Anh © Dang Thuy Anh graduated from Vietnam University of Fine Arts in 2019.

Since 2017, Thuỳ Anh has engaged in experimental artistic practice exploring different mediums such as installation, photography and conceptual approaches to art making, she often uses living organisms, her own body and her personal archives as materials in her art. She is currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City.
Dang Thuy Anh

Minh-Hoang Nguyen (*1992, Vietnam)
Nguyen Minh Hoang © Nguyen Minh Hoang earned his MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts at Duke University.

His interests include street photography, documentary, and self-portraiture. His recent works focus on the themes of representation, trauma and healing, especially on the topic of the Vietnam War, from the perspective of a young Vietnamese without direct experience nor claim to the events of the past.
Nguyen Minh Hoang

Tomes (Tobias Paramore, *1984, Australia)
Tobias Paramore Foto (Abschnitt): Kaalvoet Ranger is a music producer and sound engineer whose interests lie in creative audio applications. He graduated from Macquarie University, Sydney and the Koninklijke Conservatorium in Den Haag, Netherlands. He has worked as a performer, engineer, and producer both in the digital realm, and with analog signal processing, driven by the intangibly emotive nature of moving air; it's ceaseless decaying energy and spiralling funnels of power.