Diagnosis, progress recording and evaluation

For practitioners and teachers concerned to keep a responsible eye on childhood learning as it proceeds, it is important to observe and document the learning processes of early foreign language learning and to reflect continuously on all findings. This enables them to identify every child’s individual preferences and interests, and to contribute targeted support. But parents must share this approach; above all, the children themselves must engage with the foreign language as consciously as possible, thus equipping themselves to gradually take on responsibility for directing their own learning and making it serve their individual needs.More ...
  • In early foreign language learning, learners’ progress should be considered primarily in relation to the processes of learning. Excessive focus on learning outcomes should be avoided.
  • Every evaluation process should be carefully planned over the long term and followed throughout.
  • The portfolio represents a possible tool for progress recording. First introduction at nursery school level and continuation throughout primary and into secondary education are recommended, as this will ensure visible continuity in the learner biography.
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