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The dancer and Tchaikowsky

Artist: Kitty Kahane

Kitty Kahana Comic© Kitty Kahana / LE MONDE diplomatique

My passion for Kotek consumes me!

L. an artist, was invited to the Moscow biennale. And then he had the idea of dancing for Tchaikovsky – in Swan Lake!

I’m going to dance!

L. was deeply moved by T., his music, and his unfulfi lled love for Kotek


What should I do?

Au galop!

Swan Lake, yet again – what a bore!

Now there’s a good-looking young man!

* The dancer and Tchaikovsky

Kitty Kahane Kitty Kahane
Kitty Kahaneillustrates children’s books, graphic novels and cookbooks for various publishing houses. She designs postage stamps, is outfi tting camping cars, works with manufacturers of fi ne china, designs carpets, bed linen, time pieces and lamps. She writes stories, draws comics, and develops workshops for Goethe-Institut learners in various countries. Kitty has exhibited in Paris, Luxemburg, Berlin, Wetzar, Celle, and Mainz, and has received many awards for her illustrations of books and business reports.