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Restaurateurs demand poisoned people from now on should wear hats.

Artist: Henning Wagenbreth

Henning Wagenbreth© Henning Wagenbreth / LE MONDE diplomatique
Restaurateurs demand poisoned people from now on should wear hats.

All smokers think pickpockets should buy new genes at public expense.

Whether anybody wants to hear it or not, illiterates may eat chocolate daily.

Women think musicians should go underground once in their lifetime.

Statistics prove leisure gardeners should burn nothing except their letters.

All grandfathers demand war criminals should finally do squats.

Correspondents report that the wealthy from now on may possess nuclear weapons.

There is no doubt robots finally should wear trousers.

Mothers hope children don’t have to cast shadows.

The army fears insects could proclaim a revolution tomorrow.

The opposition requests nurses should retroactively wear bulletproof vests.

The government demands bacteria should only take bribes with tears in their eyes.

The police is worried anarchists might laughingly bang the table.

Pedestrians think accident victims are allowed to pick a fight on Sundays.

Youngsters fear unemployed people will fall backwards over stones.

Everybody knows conservatives are better at climbing trees.

Yes, it’s about time machines too showed some humility.

Doctors warn pacifists might change sides before sex.

It can no longer be avoided that farm animals have to put up with wage cuts.

It is high time babies extract oil once in their lifetime.

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Henning Wagenbreth Portrait Henning Wagenbreth
Born in 1962 in Eberswalde. He studied at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee in Berlin. He was a member of the artist collective PGH Glühende Zukunft, with Detlef Beck, Anke Feuchtenberger and Holger Fickelscherer. Since 1994 Professor of Illustration at the Berlin University of the Arts. He was awarded numerous prizes for his posters and book illustrations. He lives in Berlin.