Mother Nature is hiding something from us

Artist: Holger Fickelscherer

Holger Fickelscherer © Holger Fickelscherer / LE MONDE diplomatique
Mother Nature is hiding something from us. She keeps her secrets under lock and key!

Mountains are high so that we don’t climb them.
Oceans are deep so that we don’t step in.
Perfect obstacles, made to stand in our way.

House of science

We have brought countless sacrifices. They went astray, went crazy or got eaten!

To the missing scientist

She has infiltrated everything with hostile cultures. Poison fangs, spores and microbes
clearly amount to biological warfare!

Armies of insects, epidemics, and rabies. We already had to give up Africa.

As a matter of fact we are under house arrest.
We research our brains off and yet the old hag doesn’t put her cards on the table.
We are beginning to be fed up with her.
If she keeps fucking up our expeditions there will be punitive expeditions!

Break the door and get everything.

Where is the rest of the gang?
Storm her womb!

Empty. Empty totally nothing!

Most species have disappeared before being discovered.

Holger Fickelscherer
Holger Fickelscherer was born in 1966 in Berlin. His book Fegefeuer was published by Zyankrise and Hackenporsche by JOCHEN enterprises. He was a member of the artist collective PGH Glühende Zukunft, with Detlef Beck, Anke Feuchtenberger and Henning Wagenbreth.