When did it actually begin?

Artist: Mawil

Mawil Comic © Mawil / LE MONDE diplomatique
... that soap didn’t come in cakes anymore?

... that we didn’t have 10 minutes for a coffee at home before going to work?

... that all fruit and veggies in the shops had to be packaged?
“Crispy” [?]

... that flying became cheaper than going by train ...
“Sniff – no one loves me any more ...”
“Sank-yu for flying with us”

... and it cost more to repair a bike than to buy a new one?

... and that people got too fussy to drink tap water?

... and meat got so cheap?

What on earth is a “mixture of honey from EU and non-EU countries”? (And how come the same goods cost more in some countries and less in others?)

Why can’t you trust politicians anymore?
Vote BMW

Where does the power for e-mobility come from?
“Funny, they cut the trees down!”

And do we really believe that more consumption can make the world a better place?
“By buying this bag you are helping ...”
“Made from 100% organic cotton from Guatemala, with EU organic logo”
“Yes, but I’ve already got about 100 bags stacked up at home ...”

Why does the economy have to keep growing – and at whose expense?
“Daily News [Advertising]
Refugees flee! Higher rents!
Clear felling of virgin forest!
The poor get poorer!
Icebergs doomed!
Greta still complaining!”
“Business section
Great news: profits up!
Costs down!
Breaking news: the rich get richer!”

When did we get to be so money-grubbing and so lazy?
“What’s this!?”
“I don’t need this stress!”

“I’m just doing my job here!”
“If I don’t do it, someone else will!”
“I can’t let all that effort go to waste!”
“Everyone else is working just like me!”

“Don’t worry – market forces will sort it all out ...”
“... just you wait and see!”

Mawil was born in East Berlin in 1976. He studied at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee. In 2003 he graduated with „Wir können ja Freunde bleiben“, the first in a series of more or less autobiographical books published by Berlin-based Reprodukt and translated into several other languages. In 2014 he won the Max&Moritz Prize for „Kinderland“ and in 2019 he was the first German to draw a Lucky Luke homage book. In 2021 he received the Wilhelm Busch Prize. Mawil still lives in Berlin. He draws for newspapers, travels the world for the Goethe-Institut, leads workshops, sometimes exhibits and is currently even working on a new book.