There are two sides to every story

Artist: Moritz Götze 

Moritz Götze Comic © Moritz Götze / LE MONDE diplomatique

There are two sides to every story ...

[book title: “The Moon”]

A walk in the woods, with thoughts roaming free, the beauty of nature, the shade of a tree – then they grabbed us, and stuck us in this vase!

[book title: “Cat and Mouse”]


“It is hard to capture the truth – there may be only one of her, but she’s a living being, with an ever-changing face” – Kafka

[Song title: “Over & done with”]


When all around is cold and dark, I aspire to light the spark!

Sweet life

Dropped and broken 4638 years ago, then hauled back up into the light, to fi nd myself surrounded by total strangers!

Within me all is quiet and still – only beauty endures!

Bestir yourselves, ye spoons – dig deep, then lofty thoughts reveal! Fill me, empty me, fi ll me, empty me- it’s a mug’s game if you ask me!

I’m lying here ready, but he can’t think of anything to write about. He stares at me, then turns away. And goes off to get himself a glass of wine. He’s waiting for a rush of inspiration, that never comes. He doesn’t realise there are stories to be told all around him, in the humble objects lying right here on his desk!

A strong will can drill through rocks.

Moritz Götze
Moritz Götze has lived in Halle an der Saale since he was born in 1964, has illustrated a number of books and posters since the mid-1980s, but mainly works as a painter. His work has been featured in exhibitions around the world. Several exhibition catalogs were been published by Hasenverlag.